Thiruvaiyaru Music Festival

Thiruvaiyaru Music Festival, also known as the Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival is celebrated in Thruvaiyaru, in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. Thiruvaiyaru is situated on the banks of the Kaveri river and known for the old Shiva temple, also known as the Panchanatheeshwar Temple. This town is also associated with the Saint Thyagaraja, who along with Muthuswami Dikshitar and Shyama Sastri comprises the Trinity of Carnatic Music. The Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival is celebrated on the banks of the Kaveri river which has the Samadhi of the Saint Thyagaraja. This festival is attended by the various fans of the classical music and also delightful to watch the various musicians performing on the stage. The classical singers consider it as an honour to participate in this festival. They perform here inorder to gain the blessings of the saint Thyagaraja.


Chennai Music And Dance Festival

The Chennai Dance and Music Festival is almost a month long event usually held in January. Organized at a number of different venues in the capital city of Chennai, this festival is basically a celebration of the classical music as well as the classical dances of South India. The period of the festival coincides with the Tamil month of 'Margazhi' and is considered as very sacred by the Hindus living there. Since South Indian classical music (Carnatic Music) finds its roots in devotion to the gods, this period was considered appropriate for the celebration of this festival.

Also known as the Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music, this extravaganza finds its origin in the year 1927. During those times, the festival was celebrated as to mark the anniversary of Madras Music Academy in every December. Later, numerous organizations adopted the Dance and Music Festival of Madras and converted it into the huge event it today is. The venues of the festival include numerous auditoriums, heritage bungalows, temple premises, etc. Musicians and dancers from all over the country come to Tamil Nadu to take part in this musical extravaganza.

Infact, as many as 2000 participants come from places far and wide to participate in the over 300 concerts that take place here. In the music categories, there are both vocal as well as Instrumental music performances. The instruments used include Thavil (percussion instrument), Mridangam (drum), Flute, Ghatam (a mud pot), Veena (a large string instrument), Goottuvadyam (similar to Veena but without frets), etc. No discrimination is made here between the artists. Be it junior or senior artistes, upcoming artists or well-established artists, all of them perform at the Chennai Dance and Music Festival.

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